Welcome to Editorial Campana‘s blog!

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know who we are. But in case you don’t, here it is. We are a publishing company based in New York, publishing literature in English and Spanish by Latinas and Latinos who dare to challenge the literary canon, conventional social thinking, and who believe in culture as patrimony for everyone. The majority of our books are published in simultaneous English and Spanish versions or bilingual editions. We also have a children’s division, Campanita books. But we’re not just books. Last year we also released a 2008 wall calendar featuring the work of Colombia’s most famous photographer, Nereo Lopez Meza.

Our goal is to keep you posted on all the latest news–upcoming releases, events like readings and book fairs, reviews, tips and advice, interviews, and more. We welcome all comments, suggestions, questions–tell us what you like to read about, what you’re interested in, or whatever else you feel like telling us.

So what else can you expect to find here in the future? Watch for an upcoming series of entries where you can read the “story behind the story” of each book. You’ll gain special insight into each, like the real people who characters are based on in Sonia Rivera Valdes’ Stories of Little Women and Grown-Up Girls.

Also, keep checking back for interviews with the authors, “special guest” bloggers, product and website reviews, links to videos of the authors on YouTube and more.

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Editorial Campana

1. Time Flies – Editorial Campana published it’s first two books in the fall of 2003. After a not-so-brief hiatus, we took 2007 by storm with seven new books and a calendar!

2. The Three Kings Have Read This Book, Have You? – Earlier this month, the children’s book My Brain Won’t Float Away/Mi cerebro no va a salir flotando (Campanita Books, 2007), by Annette Perez, was chosen by the first lady of Puerto Rico, Luisa Gandara, to give away as a gift for the Fiesta de Reyes, a traditional Three Kings Day celebration in San Juan.

3. Our Books Are Bilingual, Our Website is Too – You can read any page of our website, www.editorialcampana.com, in English and Spanish. Choose your language preference when you arrive. At anytime, you can opt to switch by clicking “English” or “Español” on the navigation bar.

4. We’ve Gone Global (Sort of) – Although Editorial Campana is based in New York, we work with people (proofreaders, illustrators, translators, etc.) from all over the U.S. and abroad (not to mention our authors are from all over the world). Thank you, glorious internet.

5. Everyone Has a Story to Tell– We’ve all heard that phrase before. Where do you get your inspiration from? Our authors have written about themselves, their friends and family members, those that they grew up with, and the pets that steal their food off the kitchen table.

(P.S. A little bonus fact for you English-only speakers: “campana” means “bell” in Spanish, and “campanita” means “little bell.”)

Want to learn a lot more right now? Visit our website at www.editorialcampana.com.