As an avid reader, and someone who loves to talk about books as much as read them, I can highly recommend the following as top websites for book discussions, book clubs and forums. If you have any recommendations please add them to the list!!

1. – By far the best for chatting about books with other booklovers. You’ll see there is a reason why I placed it in the number one spot. They have a WIDE range of topics, tons of new members (which means there’s always new posts and discussions), and a feed of new posts. The moderators are great, too, they are always initiating topics and are quick to reply. Overall, it’s very active.

2. Online Book Club – Forums, reviews, and eBooks. (I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still getting used to the idea of eBooks…) Anyway, they have a lot of different forum topics that I like, including Poetry and Music (lyrics), and the Buy, Sell, and Trade forum.

3. Book & Reader – I give them the award for Best Website Design! They have a relevant news page, a list of recent posts, a BOOK GIVEAWAYS section (gotta love free books), blogs, and an interesting Author Discussion forum.

4. LibraryThing – They claim to be the world’s largest book club. More like a huge catalogue of books (more than 23 million added by members). But they have a space where you can chat as well. You have to try their Book Suggestions feature. Really good website if you are someone who likes statistics (see their Zeitgeist page).

5. Biblio – Pretty straightforward. Tons of topics. You can also browse for over 50 million used books.

Keep an eye out for more reading forum recommendations in the future, as I am always on the lookout. Like I said before, PLEASE feel free to add your own suggestions if you have any.