Editorial Campana has recently made seven of their books available for digital download through Amazon.com making the books accessible to Kindle users. Three out of four of these titles comprise of separate English and Spanish versions. Selections available include the captivating So I Won’t Forget (English)/ Para que no se me olvide(Spanish) by Paquita Suarez Coalla, Stories of Little Women and Grown-Up Girls(English)/Historias de mujeres grandes y chiquitas(Spanish) by Casa de Las Américas literary prize winning author Sonia Rivera-Valdes, the heart wrenching Memory Tracks(English)/Fragmentos de la memoria (Spanish) by Margarita Drago and the reflective Escenas para turistas by Revolución y Cultura Magazine’s Fiction Award winner, Jaqueline Herranz Brooks. While many of the digital books offered to Kindle users cost around $9.99, you can find Editorial Campana’s titles for an affordable $3.96 per book.

 The Kindle, for those who are not familiar with it, is a portable and wireless reading device that enables users to download digital versions of full-length books, magazines, and newspapers through Amazon’s wireless Whispernet network. The Kindle can be purchased from Amazon.com for $399.00 and holds up to approximately 200 titles. Currently, there are more than 100,000 books available in the Kindle library, including more than 90 of 112 current New York Times® Best Sellers.

All of Editorial Campana’s titles can also now be previewed before you buy them. Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature allows visitors to browse real sample pages of the books before deciding to purchase them. “Search Inside” is a handy feature whether you prefer downloading a digital book with your new Kindle, or simply looking for a good old paperback or hardcover.

What does everything think about the Kindle? I personally prefer the traditional physical book in my hand (especially small paperbacks because I can put fold them up and put them in my pocket), though I haven’t gotten the chance to see a Kindle in person yet. The computer screen is supposed to be easy on the eyes, mimicking a real paper page. You can also store a ton of books into this device making it a real space saver. Is the Kindle the IPod of for books? Any thoughts??