Our newest book is almost here: A Very Smart Cat/Una gata muy inteligente. The very smart cat in this book has been very busy. In just a couple of weeks, Catskill, NY (right near where the very smart cat lives) will be hosting the second Cat-n-Around Catskill 2008 “A Summer Long Celebration”Here is just a taste of what readers can expect:

“Meet the smartest cat in the world. She can draw, knows how to
 make phone calls, can take pictures, and plays musical instruments. Do you want her? She is yours. Free! 

Read the funny and surprising adventures of this extraordinary pussycat and you will understand why sometimes there is such a thing as too  smart. A very, very funny book about a very, very clever cat.”


This is the farm where the cat lives. It is a real farm, located in Athens, NY- near Catskill, NY! 













This will be Editorial Campana’s 3rd children’s book.

We are very excited about this book, and we have heard that there are many out there as well who have long waited for this book to come out. As soon as we can get final input from the very smart cat, we will have this book out. In the mean time, if you are in the Catskill area this summer, check out the wonderful cat exhibit going on!