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In September of 2007, Mario Picayo came out with his first children’s book, A Caribbean journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to the Z). The book takes the reader on a fun, educational, and wonderfully illustrated (by Native American artist Earleen Griswold) journey around the many islands that make up the Caribbean. Unlike other traditional abc books, A Caribbean Journey from A to Y seperates and explains why Z is a crucial part of the Caribbean (giving some historic background). The books was reviewed by Tanya Torres, an artist and cultural activist who resides in New York. The following is an excerpt of the review.

“And Puerto Rico, the island Julian and I know best, having observed lizards and birds there (he talks and I listen!), is only one of the islands that appears in this colorful, informative and entertaining book full of interesting facts about the islands in and near to the Caribbean sea. Each letter contains a list of names beginning with that letter, and the text, simple enough for very small children to understand and sophisticated enough to entertain and educate older ones, offers way more than any ABC book I’ve seen to date.”

You can read the full version in English or in Spanish

In another review that was written by Silvio Torres-Saillant, who is the author of Caribbean Poetics and An Intellectual History of the Caribbean, noted that he could 

“think of no better book for children to begin the life-long adventure of knowing the Caribbean.”

Click here for the full review.



The winter 2008 edition of The Hydrocephalus Association newsletter wrote an article about Annette Perez and her new book. The article can be found at the following link (refer to page 22)  http://hydroassoc.org/docs/winter08news_email.pdf


The Hydrocephalus Association (http://hydroassoc.org/) is a great resource for anybody who has hydrocephalus or in one way or another is connected to hydrocephalus. Sadly, there does not seem to be a lot of information readily available regarding hydrocephalus. Although My Brain Wont Float Away does not answer all the questions, the book is a great reference for familiarizing oneself about the disability. Annette Perez is hoping that this book raises awareness in both adults and children, about hydrocephalus. My Brain Wont Float Away seems to be achieving that goal.