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Editorial Campana is pleased to announce the first event for MARCH 2009.  In Celebration of International Women’s Month with Margarita DragoJacqueline Herranz BrooksSonia Rivera Valdés(Casa de las Américas Award winner) and  Paquita Suárez Coalla.  The authors will read from their new works and chat with the audience. The event will take place Thursday March 5th, 8:00 p.m. at Librería Caliope, NY. PLease visit editorialcampana.com for more information and for directions.




So I Won’t Forget

So I Won’t Forget Cover

By Paquita Suárez Coalla

Interpreted by Inma Heredia

Monday March 24th at 7PM

Teatro IATI Studios
59-61 east 4th St, #4E
New York, NY 10003
T. 212-505-6757

About the book:
So I Won’t Forget is a collection of eighteen stories interspersed with a series of vignettes that portray a whole century of Spanish history as it is redefined through the emotional prism of three generations of women: those born in the early 20th Century who had to confront the reality of war, hunger and material misery; those who had to adapt to Franco’s dictatorship at the cost of seeing their emotional space affected; and those born in the last years of Franco, or in the dawn of democracy, who took the lead their mothers and grandmothers offered them, and dared to question, for the first time, part of the values they had handed down to them.
The narratives are arranged according to the rhythm of memory, and without paying too much attention to the historical moment in which each of them takes place, except for anecdotes inserted among the stories—where the same voice of a woman born in the early 20th Century serenely narrates what her life was like having been marked by hunger and want. Although you can read each story independently, as a whole they end up creating a chorale narrative, giving shape to the collective memory of a century.

About the Writer:
PAQUITA SUÁREZ COALLA is a Spanish writer and professor at BMCC (City University of New York). She is also co-founder of Latino Artists Round Table, a cultural group that organizes readings and conferences of Hispanic writers from all the different regions of Latin America, the United States, and Spain.